Atlantic Softwear began in Ogunquit as a mom and pop shop in 1980. It's changed addresses over the years, having 5 at once for a couple of years. Now it's a mom and daughter shop with one location; home.

Paula Benjamin (mom) and Sarah Ashton (daughter) run both Atlantic Softwear and Sweet Pea's Ice Cream.

  • We try to sell locally, ethically, fair trade, well-made items as much as possible.
  • Located on at 37 Shore Rd, Ogunquit, Maine, about 1/2 a block (if there were blocks) from the center of town.
  • We were named Atlantic "Softwear" in 1980, before software was really a thing, so there wasn't any confusion at the time. 
  • Most of our staff are local high school students or college kids home for the summer. We also get exchange students from all over the world who are learning about American culture. 
  • Atlantic Softwear phone 207.646.6788; office 207.646.6777
  • Hours in the summer are usually 9am to 10pm. In the winter, we're open Saturday and Sunday only. Most other days are somewhere in between. 
Paula Benjamin (mom) and Sarah Ashton (daughter)